class Drizzle::Token


A Token is generated by the Lexer as it reads in Drizzle source code.

Tokens are then used to generate an Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) which can then be used to actually make the language do things.

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Instance Method Summary

Constructor Detail

def : TokenType, literal : String, file_name : String = "<stdin>", line_num : Int32 = 0, char_num : Int32 = 0) #

Create an instance of a Token.

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Instance Method Detail

def char_num : Int32 #

The number of the initial character in the string that generated this Token

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def file_name : String #

The name of the file this Token was generated from

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def line_num : Int32 #

The number of the line in the file that this Token was generated from

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def literal : String #

The literal value that was used to generate this Token instance

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def to_s : String #

Convert the Token instance into a String representation.

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def token_type : Drizzle::TokenType #

The TokenType that represents the type of this Token instance

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