class Drizzle::AST::IfStatement


Node representing an if statement. if () (elsif () )* (else )?

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Instance Method Summary

Instance methods inherited from class Drizzle::AST::Node

literal : String literal, to_s : String to_s

Constructor Detail

def : Token, condition : Expression, consequence : BlockStatement, alt_consequences : Array(IfStatement) = [] of IfStatement, alternative : BlockStatement? = nil) #

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Instance Method Detail

def alt_consequences : Array(Drizzle::AST::IfStatement) #

An optional array of alternative conditions and consequences to run in case the first condition fails

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def alternative : Drizzle::AST::BlockStatement? #

An optional alternative block to be run if all prior conditions have failed

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def condition : Drizzle::AST::Expression #

The initial condition to be tested

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def consequence : Drizzle::AST::BlockStatement #

The set of statements to be run if the initial condition has proven to be true

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def literal : String #

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def to_s : String #

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def token : Drizzle::Token #

The token that led to the creation of the statement node

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