class Drizzle::AST::Function


Node representing a function definition. Functions are first-class in Drizzle, meaning that function names can be used as normal expressions.

The difference between what Drizzle does and what Monkey does is that in Monkey, the function literals themselves are expressions, whereas in Drizzle they are statements.

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Instance Method Summary

Instance methods inherited from class Drizzle::AST::Node

literal : String literal, to_s : String to_s

Constructor Detail

def : Token, name : Identifier, params : Array(TypedIdentifier), ret_type : Identifier?, body : BlockStatement) #

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Instance Method Detail

The block making up the body of the function

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def literal : String #

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The Identifier node representing the name of the function

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def params : Array(Drizzle::AST::TypedIdentifier) #

An array of TypedIdentifiers representing parameters to the function

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def ret_type : Drizzle::AST::Identifier? #

The return type of the function

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def to_s : String #

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def token : Drizzle::Token #

The token that led to the creation of the node

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